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About Me

Hello ! 

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and learn a little more about me. I have grown up as a local girl right in the heart of Brookfield, and have always had a passion for health, wellness, nature and helping others.

As an active member in the local mountain bike and volleyball world, I love getting to spend time working with athletes of every sport and age. Younger athletes can learn how to sense when their body needs some help and how to maintain their longevity in sport as older athletes can learn how to rehab reoccurring issues, combat compensation from the work/ life balance tug of war as well as how to cross train and take up new activities to level out overuse and promote their wellness longevity. 

I have been in the practice of caring for other for over 11 years now and there are so many stones left unturned and that is what makes being an RMT so rewarding. With new science and research about the body and techniques to help further treatment process, I am always taking courses and staying curious.


The pandemic was hard on us all on many different levels and that is where I am starting to see my mindset and treatment shifting. With so many people in need of body / mind work I encourage you to take a moment and see what the outcome of your wellness journey may look like. Whether that be short term or long term. I am shifting my practice to more of a progressive, detached, goal focused form of treatment. Therapeutic full body treatments are not in my wheel house and I am not keen to treat in that aspect any more.  I would like to turn the focus on the root of your problems, meet your body where it can be met and assist you on your progress in becoming yourself again. 

With a safe space for open conversation, I am here for you to untangle your mind and help the body ease that hold it may have on you. 

I absolutely love what I do and would like to keep making spaces for new patients to come and begin to feel like themselves again. But whether you are a new face or an old familiar face. your always welcome to revisit my table. 

Currency, I am educated in the following areas:
- TMJ dysfunction
- Gua Sha Therapy 

- Deep Tissue
- Cupping 
- Kinesio Taping


- Anatomy Trains
- Manual Therapy Techniques
- Craniosacral Therapy 


My intention is to provide you and your body with a Zen space to wind down, learn about each other and to experience your crossover to awareness and wellness. 

With two clinic locations ( Eastern Tides in Truro) & ( Home clinic in Brookfield) there are options for your convenience.  If you are booking in Brookfield I do have two furry friends that are trained and excited to share the clinic space with you for an added form of therapy. 

Thank you for your time, and I hope to see you at the clinic soon. 

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